• We are all a gift and a unique creation of our God.

    We were very blessed to have Luke join us at the SD Presbyterian Youth Rally and give his message. Luke is an amazing person and shows us how with God’s goodness and grace, the world will be a better place just by the sharing of love and kindness to everyone. We are all a gift and a unique creation of our God. Luke assured us that it is ok to stand up to the bully and stand up for the people being bullied and show them that God loves us just the way we are.

    Deb & Brandon Van Overschelde

  • I recommend Luke to anyone looking for a powerful, inspirational message.

    It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Inspirational Speaker; Luke Nelson. Tracy Area High School was fortunate to have Luke present his anti-bullying message to our 7th – 12th graders this year. Luke was very professional and easy to work with. Luke came prepared and the set up was very smooth. Luke began the presentation with a lot of enthusiasm and the students were immediately engaged. He is so passionate about anti-bullying that it attracted each and every student to what he had to say. Luke also has a gift of sharing in a way that students can relate to and understand. He had great stories and a heartfelt testimony that tugged at their heartstrings. Luke found a way to connect with the students. Several students came down after the presentation to talk to Luke. He was so caring and took the time to visit with each one of them, something they will not forget. I recommend Luke to anyone looking for a powerful, inspirational message. He will not disappoint!

    Sonja Gasca

  • Luke is a winsome young man who tells his story of being bullied in an engaging, yet light-hearted manner.

    While bullying is a serious problem that emotionally scars children and youth, Luke does not shy away from mentioning the difficulties he faced, he is upbeat and does not play upon the emotions of his listeners. Rather he encourages those being bullied to find hope in God’s love for them, as well as challenges those witnessing bullying to take a stand against those who bully.

    It is my pleasure to give a strong recommendation on behalf of Luke Nelson!

    – Pastor Greg Haberman

  • I would like to recommend Luke Nelson to you as a powerful motivational speaker on how to overcome disabilities and bullying.

    Luke and I have done several school assemblies on mental and emotional health. I was very impressed with his story of how through faith and the intervention of a school mate, he was able to overcome bullying over his disability.

    Luke’s story will resonate with victims of bullying, disabled students and those who want to intervene and stop this abuse.

    Luke Nelson can make a significant contribution to the culture of any school.

    – Grant Mullen, M.D.